“They can focus on their studies, knowing that money will come”

“Remittances were very important for my own education. When I was little my dad passed away, so I depended on the money my sister sent back to Uganda to pay for my school fees.”

Joy went to boarding school in a small town outside of Kampala. When she was 14 her father passed away so her older sister living in the UK would send money back home to pay for her school fees. Joy’s sister would arrange for a friend from church to go into Kampala and collect the money on behalf of Joy, as it wasn’t safe for a young girl to be carrying large sums of money around town.

After Joy completed her university degree in law at Makerere University she decided to move to the UK to work as an immigration lawyer. Once she got her first permanent job in 2005, she started sending money back home to Uganda for her nephews’ and nieces’ education.

Joy sent money to pay for the education of her nephew, Bryan. Bryan was doing his ‘A’ levels and was just about to sit his exams when his Dad died. Joy remembers Bryan calling her up one day to say that he was not allowed to sit his exams that week because he couldn’t pay the fees. Joy sent the money directly into the head teacher’s mobile money account just in time for Bryan to sit his exam. Now Bryan is at university in Kigali studying information systems as he is passionate about IT and design.

“With WorldRemit I can send money directly into my family’s MTN mobile money accounts. My family don’t have to rely on others to go into town to collect the money, as I had to when I was growing up. They can focus on their studies, knowing that money will come.”