“My school years built the foundation for me to go on to train as a nurse at university.”

‘I left Nigeria in 2009 to be with my wife who had relatives living in Australia. And although I haven’t been able to go back to see my family for over 6 years, we keep in close contact and rely a lot on video calls.”

Nsikak is a father of two, who works as a nurse at a residential home in Wollongong, a town close to Sydney. Nsikak comes from a small village of just 200 people in Nigeria, Ikot Offiong.

“My father is a retired teacher so for him it was important that his children had a good education. And I am really grateful for that. My school years built the foundation for me to go on to train as a nurse at university.”

Since his father retired, Nsikak has been sending money back to Nigeria to support his younger brother and sister so that they can go to school to build their own future. Thanks to the money that Nsikak has been sending back home over the years, his sister, Abasifreke, is now able to follow in her father’s footsteps. Now, aged 20, she attends the University of Uyo, and is training to be a chemistry teacher.

Working shifts makes going to an agent during traditional opening hours and sending money home challenging, especially when that money is urgently needed. “I use WorldRemit because I can send money from the comfort of my own home. It’s easy - it means I can send from my phone when I have just got in the door after a long day of work.”

Sending money home from his mobile phone means that Nsikak is able to support his family as and when they need his help. “I recently received a message from my sister as she needed money to take the bus 2km outside of town to attend her teacher training the next day. I was able to send money on a Sunday evening, knowing that it would arrive in her bank account in time for her journey the next morning.”