After emigrating to the U.S. from Latvia at the age of 7, Boris Bulayev saw the value of an excellent education first-hand, attending high qu…  Read more

Growing up in Madagascar in a household of educators, Miora Randriambeloma understood the importance of education early on. But it wasn’t until she met co-founder Adrien Bouillot that she discovered how she’d bridge her background as a consultant with her passion for social impact. In 2015, Miora, Adrien, and a third co-founder, Nii Apa Abbey, founded Chalkboard Education, which aims to democratize learning by providing mobile learning solutions that work on all mobile devices – even without internet connection. Chalkboard partners with institutions and NGOs across the continent like International Cocoa Initiative and Jackson Educational Complex in Ghana to provide customized e-learning solutions.  Read more

After graduating high school in Nigeria, Abolade Lawal faced years waiting to secure one of limited number places available for the millions…  Read more

Eugenia Mawuena Adwoa Tachie-Menson is the the Founder of Young Educators Foundation. Determined to succeed, Eugenia organised the first spelling competition in 2006 in Ghana with only 30 students. Today, more than 8,000 children have participated in the spelling bee and other learning programs through her non-profit organisation, Young Educators Foundation (YEF).  Read more