After emigrating to the U.S. from Latvia at the age of 7, Boris Bulayev saw the value of an excellent education first-hand, attending high qu…  Read more

Growing up in Madagascar in a household of educators, Miora Randriambeloma understood the importance of education early on. But it wasn’t until she met co-founder Adrien Bouillot that she discovered how she’d bridge her background as a consultant with her passion for social impact. In 2015, Miora, Adrien, and a third co-founder, Nii Apa Abbey, founded Chalkboard Education, which aims to democratize learning by providing mobile learning solutions that work on all mobile devices – even without internet connection. Chalkboard partners with institutions and NGOs across the continent like International Cocoa Initiative and Jackson Educational Complex in Ghana to provide customized e-learning solutions.  Read more